currently coveting: bauble bar.

Every ounce awesome, Bauble Bar can serve you up everything fabulous and fresh. While the only thing missing from this bar, is a champagne flute filled with bubbly, Bauble Bar has every possible accessory your fashionista could ever desire. Everything from neon to nautical, Bauble Bar is the best way to start a party.

1. bauble bar ‘fuchsia petite chiclet glitz strand’ necklace $28 here  2. bauble bar ‘pomegranate marquise fringe collar’ necklace $34 here  3. bauble bar ‘sun patent stud wrap’ bracelet $28 here  4. bauble bar ‘mint pyramid stud’ bangle $26 here  5. bauble bar ‘july monthly makeover’ necklace $44 here  6. bauble bar ‘duo cranium wrap’ bracelet $22 here  7. bauble bar ‘crystal equator pendant’ necklace $28 here  8. bauble bar ‘sapphire archipelago bib’ necklace $38 here  9. bauble bar ‘jasmine chevron stud’ earrings $24 here  10. bauble bar ‘mini pavé links’ bracelet $42 here  11. bauble bar ‘silver evil bangle’ bracelet $24 here

neckluxe + fresh.

       White goes with everything and looks amazing on everyone. It’s clean, crisp, and in my opinion, a standout breath of fresh air. I’ve found some beautiful statement necklaces for you ladies, that will freshen up anything you have in your closet. Whether you add a neckluxe to a plain, grey v-neck tee or a brightly colored blouse, the statement these necklaces will make, will be nothing short of amazing! xo, emily

1. Vince Camuto Leather Collar Necklace $45.56 here   2. Johnny Loves Rosie Statement Bib Necklace $50.91 here   3. Adia Kibur Cluster Necklace $65 here   4. Panacea Epoxy Flower Necklace $45 here   5. Tinley Road Half Flower Necklace $36 here   6. Anthropologie Marbled Orbit Necklace $68 here   7. Natasha Couture Floral Statement Necklace $38 here   8. Adia Kibur Layered Necklace $75 here 

currently coveting: gorjana.

Last night, having the best conversation with my friend Carey, we caught up, planned happy hour and gushed about how much we love Gorjana. From delicate midi-rings, to initials necklaces, Gorjana has the essential accessories. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or meeting friends for Saturday morning coffee, Gorjana is my go-to for every arm party, outfit & occasion. 


  1. Gorjana ‘Aurora Large’ Necklace $90 here
  2. Gorjana ‘Graham Leather Bar Triple Wrap’ Bracelet $70 here
  3. Gorjana ‘Neon Pyramid Stud’ Bracelet $65 here
  4. Gorjana ‘Taner Charm’ Bracelet Silver/Gold $45 ea. here
  5. Gorjana ‘Mini Alphabet Stud’ Earrings $30 here
  6. Gorjana ‘Infiniti II’ Ring gold/rose gold $40 ea. here
  7. Gorjana ‘Cassia Bar Neon Leather’ Bracelet $75 here

arm party + chain gang.

chain gang

  1. Kim & Zozi ‘Chain 300’ Bracelet $88 here
  2. Michael Kors Chain Bracelet Chronograph Watch $225 here
  3. Blu Bijoux ‘Mint Faux Suede Chain’ Bracelet $28 here
  4. A.V. Max ‘Gold & Crystal Initial Chain’ Bracelet $50 here
  5. Bloomingdale’s ‘Aqua Wrapped Chain Ribbon’ Bracelet $26.60 here
  6. Coldwater Creek ‘Jeweled Links’ Bracelet $39.95 here

neckluxe + golden layers.

golden layers

  1. House of Harlow 1960 ‘White Sand Sunburst’ Necklace $63 here
  2. Mali Sabatasso ‘Feather Pendant’ Necklace [silver or gold] $90 here
  3. House of Harlow 1960 ‘Medallion Locket Pendant’ $75 here
  4. Gorjana ‘Alphabet’ Necklace $50 here
  5. Adia Kibur ‘Horn’ Necklace $60 here
  6. Need Supply Co. ‘Arrow’ Necklace $22 here
  7. Shashi ‘Kelsey’ Necklace $66 here
  8. Ettika ‘Lace Hamsa’ Necklace $63 here

the start of a fabulous arm party.

apcOver the weekend, i got the opportunity to have ultimate girl time with my best ladies. Talking love and what’s the latest in our lives, some of my friends confessed their virgin arm party status. ‘Where do we even start!?’ They asked. [Crap!] ..the thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I’ve been rocking copious amounts of arm candy since my mom bought me ‘The Scholastic Book Club’ book on how to make friendship bracelets. So i’ll do my best to put together a starter kit of sorts, for arm parties!

1. First things first, the basic beginning of all jewelry is the metal, Silver or Gold. Do you love mixed metals or do you solely favor one or the other? Gold and Silver look more favorable on certain skin tones. Personally, i’m a gold girl. I love all gold – everything. Golden blonde highlights, the golden rays from the sun, gold necklaces, bracelets, gold leaf etc. The warmth that gold gives off goes with my skin tone best. If you are undecided what metal looks best on you, here is a simple test:

Looking at the inside of your wrist, hold a white piece of paper to your wrist and compare the white of the paper with your veins. Your veins will either have a blueish or green-ish tint.

Blue-ish Tint = Cool Skin Tone (white golds, silvers, platinum  etc.)

Green-ish Tint = Warm Skin Tone (golds, coppers, rose golds etc.)

2. So, whether you want a silver, a gold or a mixed metal arm party, i like to follow a few guidelines, having a blend of:


  • texture (chain, spike, pyramid, charms etc.)
  • width (dainty chain, thin bangle, medium, thick cuff, chunky etc.)
  • sparkle (rhinestones, pave, sequins, glitter etc.)
  • solely metals (silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, black etc.)
  • non-metals (fabric, stones, beads, thread etc.)
  • color (neons, jewel tones, monochromatic etc.)

3. Next, let’s add a watch. Not that you are ever more than 5ft from your phone, it’s a nice addition to any Arm Party. I never used to wear watches, hated them. But when i was graduating, I was told to wear a watch to interviews, as a way to show potential employers that you can be punctual without relying on your cellphone. And, because you never know who you are going to meet daily, that principal just stuck with me and i’ve worn a watch everyday ever since.

4. Et Voilá! You have a good start to make a stellar Arm Party!

With all that said, let’s be honest. Parties with rules are NO fun. That’s why in high school, the best parties were when the parents were gone & everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. So, when it comes to Arm Parties, there are no rules, do YOU. Whatever you like, wear it with confidence and it will be a fabulous Arm Party :).

xo, emily


arm party + delicate details.

 delicate details

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Zodiac Necklace $78 here
  2.  Kate Spade Saturday ‘Gold Bar’ Bracelet $25 here
  3. Nasty Gal ‘Inner Circle’ Bangle $12 here
  4. Ariella Collection ‘Moon & Star’ Bangle $18.76 ea here
  5. Gag&Lou ‘Flat Tied Lucky’ Bracelet $45.50 here
  6. Emily Elizabeth Jewelry ‘XO’ Earrings $30 here
  7. Nugaard “Gold Tube’ Bangle $73 here