friends forever

Thinking back to my summer days as a kid, i lived to make friendship bracelets for my BFF’s, my besties.  Braiding colorful string, and using every kind of bead i could find. But, old is new again, like vintage clothing but with a fabulous twist!  Here’s a few friendship bracelets, to adorn your arm with colorful love.

1. ASOS Coachella Coin Bracelet $28.58 here   2. Lucy Folk ‘Jasmine Flower’ Bracelet $36 here   3. Delia*s ‘Rhinestone Friendship’ Bracelet $10.99 here   4. KH Studio ‘Five Row’ Bracelet $32 here   5. Serefina ‘Friendship’ Bracelet $13.99 here   6. Target ‘Friendship’ Bracelet $9.99 here   7. Ettika ‘Triple-Charm Friendship’ Bracelet $40 here   8. Delia*s ‘Tassel Pave Friendship’ Bracelet $7.99 here   9. J.Crew ‘Golden Plate Friendship’ Bracelet $22.50 here   10. Blee Inara ‘Swarovski Skull Macrame’ Bracelet $45 here   11. Express ‘Wrapped Rhinestone Friendship’ Bracelet $24.90 here   12. Cara ‘Crystal Friendship’ Bracelet $34 here   13. Chan Luu ‘2 Pack Friendship’ Bracelet $35.99 here   14. KH Studio ‘Five Row Friendship’ Bracelet $16 here   15. Lucy Folk ‘Neon Taco’ Bracelet $48 here

pool party central

Every fashionista knows that pool party looks go from head to toe, it’s not just all about the bikini anymore. I’ve found essential items to make your pool party weekends as fabulous as you will look! #FabOnLadies

1. Kim&Zozi ‘Giles’ Sandals $99 here    2. ACACIA ‘Panama’ Swim Suit $110 top $106 bottom here   3. Volcom ‘Going Somewhere’ Hat $18 here   4. Ettika ‘Beaded & Gilded – Lime Jade’ Bracelet $50 here   5. The Perfect Mani (via AstroWifey)   6. Ray Ban ‘Flash Lense’ Aviators $170 here   7. Ettika ‘Amazonian Cuff’ $88 here   8. Nasty Gal ‘Sharp Angles’ Necklace $18 here   9. Kim&Zozi ‘Eye Candy 100’ Bracelet $28 here   10. The Walart ‘Festival’ Bracelet $4.95 here   11. Mara Hoffman Beach Tote $202 here   12. Vix Swimwear ‘White Caftan’ $186 here