Currently Coveting: Rosegal

To be honest, I’ve been in a shopping rutt. In Arizona it’s still fully summer but, I’m itching for fall. Then I found and it’s fully scratched my shopping itch! They literally have everything you want, need and have to have. From long flowy dresses to shoes & accessories, all the way into home decor. I’ve done some shopping for you, with my favorite items and have a coupon code to make shopping even sweeter! You know you want some new clothes, why not taking a look here?

They have their Summer Sales going on,  starting from 33% off. Use my code ‘RGEN’ for another 10% off!

Happy Shopping Babes,

xo, RoseGal Central


  1. RoseGal – Floral Print Button Up Chiffon Maxi Dress with Split – Red $23.65 here
  2. RoseGal – Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Bandeau Dress – White $18.31 here
  3. RoseGal – Long Sleeve Mini Embroidery Shirt Dress – White $21.90 here
  4. RoseGal – Tribal Print Hell Sleeve Maxi Flowy Dress – Red $22.25 here
  5. RoseGal – Ruff Collar Long Sleeve Casual Shirt Dress – White $24.89 here
  6. RoseGal – Off Shoulder Long Flounce Slit Formal Dress – Purplish Blue $23.65 here
  7. RoseGal – Off The Shoulder Lemon Print Summer Dress $20.39 here
  8. RoseGal – Cold Shoulder Printed Tropical Maxi Dress $22.39 here
  9. RoseGal – Off The Shoulder Tie Waist Stripe Dress – Light Blue $14.56 here
  10. RoseGal – Crochet Cami Lace Cocktail Dress – White $19.70 here
  11. RoseGal – Metal Alloy Cactus Stud Earrings – Golden $1.63 here
  12. RoseGal – Resin Circle Beaded Tassel Earrings – White $4.04 here
  13. RoseGal – Charming Off The Shoulder Ruffled Blouse – White $10.76 here
  14. RoseGal – Lace See Through Blouse – White $9.32 here
  15. RoseGal – Buttoned Flare Sleeve Peplum Shirt $14.59 here
RoseGal Summer Sale

RoseGal Summer Sale




sunglass central

Emily of Arm Party Central in the Seychelles wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Emily of Arm Party Central in the Seychelles wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

SUNGLASSES: the perfect little accessory to enhance an outfit or cover up a hangover. Living in Arizona the sun shines every single day, so to say they are mandatory is an understatement. As a little gift to you, I have compiled a fun list of sunnies that I have, am coveting and will soon be purchasing.

xoxo, slim shady.

  1. Quay ‘On A Dime’ Sunglasses $55
  2. Ray Ban ‘Round Fleck’ Sunglasses $160
  3. Sunday Somewhere ‘Matahari’ Sunglasses $290
  4. Shevoke ‘Flint’ Sunglasses $25
  5. 2020AVE ‘Flat Round Mirrored Sunnies’ $12
  6. Shevoke ‘ The Island Curacao’ Sunglasses $25
  7. ASOS ‘Metal Hexagon Sunglasses Rose Gold’ $24
  8. Quay ‘It’s a Sin’ Sunglasses $50
  9. Spitfire ’46mm Optical Glasses’ $39
  10. Sunday Somewhere ‘Yetti’ Sunglasses $290
  11. ASOS ‘Pala Angled Aviator’ Sunglasses $89
  12. Shevoke ‘Hola’ Sunglasses $59
  13. ASOS ‘Round Sunglasses with Metal Arms and Flash Lens in Tart’ $20
  14. Urban Outfitters ‘Round Metal Sunglasses’ $16
  15. Spitfire ‘Nexus’ $26
  16. Spitfire ‘Post Punk’ Sunglasses $39



FriDIY – Beach Tote

DIY Beach Tote - Arm Party Central

DIY Beach Tote – Arm Party Central

When I was little, anytime I asked for something, my Dad would first say ‘Is it something that we can make?’. Now, let’s be clear, I didn’t always get what I wanted but, as long as I was willing to get creative and try to make it with him, he was more willing. As I have gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s not always cheapest to make it yourself, but damnit it’s more about the fun of spending time together, being creative, learning how to make something and feeling accomplished. Look at the lesson my Dad snuck in there, what a guy! Wow, did this just become a Fathers Day post? Yep, sure did and I didn’t even plan it. Big smile on my face. Thank you for all you have taught me. I get the best parts of me, from YOU! Love you Pops!

Photo Cred:

My Dad & I, on my wedding day.

ANYWAYS – While I was getting ready for our trip this past winter, I was coveting this Misa Los Angeles bag from It’s amazing, but the price wasn’t so much. CONFESSION: I am a cheap bitch. So, I thought for sure I could make it for tons cheaper. Where I sit today? Time over money, honey, but alas, I was determined.

So, I started searching on amazon for a bag (here), stencils, tassels etc. Easier said than done. I ultimately decided to just make my own stencil and tassels. Since we were going to the Seychelles Islands, I decided on ‘island vibes’ for the saying. I literally spent most of my time making the stencil and it was NOT EASY. I ended up printing off the saying and layering packing tape over it so it was thick enough, to not be flimsy, then cut out the letters (making sure to leave the negative space intact). The tassels were easy enough with this tassel tutorial. Then added a little spray paint & string detail on the handles and a puffy paint pattern on the bottom, et voila! At the end of the day, I am proud that I made something just like my dad taught me. But, the logical side of me looks at how much time and money I spent… $103 for the tote would have been entirely worth it.

xoxo, totes awesome.










I’m literally the Wertz.

Emily Allers, of Arm Party Central, got married!!

Emily Allers, of Arm Party Central, got married!!

Wow, it’s been so long where do I begin? 2016 was a year where only the highlights need be remembered. Biggest, brightest highlight of my year? Becoming THE. WERTZ. WIFE. EVER. (If you aren’t following me, I interchange the word ‘Wertz’ for “worst”). Anyways, the day was May 1st, 2016 and it was that dreamy, blissful, champagne filled day that everyone hopes. Like, ‘pinch me, I don’t know how I got so lucky’ and all that bullshit, type of spectacular. The weekend was set at The Saguaro Scottsdale . My soul sister of a hotel, filled with so much vibrance, you feel like you got punched in the face with fun, sunshine and tequila all at once. We had a full weekend of activities: Hiking, Top Golf, a Saturday Pool Party, a Rehearsal Dinner and then the Wedding Sunday Funday. The ceremony took place outside in a park just behind the hotel, with the reception at The Clayton on the Park.

We had so many family and friends fly in for the weekend. And bless lil sweet 18+ Jesus, no kids. Our Wedding party topped off at about 26. Yes, 26 booze filled brides babes and groomsmen. Anyways, there is so much to say, but the video will do a better job than i can.

Major thanks to our Parents, Wedding Party, Family & Friends. And to the team that made this happen, you are pretty much majestic unicorns doing the work of fairies, with magical powers of perfection.  Jeff and I can’t Thank You enough!!!

Jeff & Emily – Scottsdale, Arizona Wedding from Katherine Mendieta on Vimeo.

Coordination & Planning: LVL Weddings and Events + Emily Schiesl

Photography: Leslie D Photography

Videography: Katherine Mendieta Photography + Videography

Flowers: Fiori Floral

Hotel: The Saguaro Scottsdale

Venue: The Clayton on the Park

Wedding Dress: LuLu*

Currently Coveting – Cold Shoulder

Arm Party Central // Cold Shoulder

Arm Party Central // Cold Shoulder

We’re Not Worthy!! We’re Not Worthy!! Praise the fashion gods for bringing us a new way to show a little more skin & keeping our outfits flirty and fresh. The cold shoulder is the new crop top. Perfect for day or night, as a swimsuit coverup or a playful little romper.  This hot new trend is everything you need for your wardrobe right now. I’m confident you will love this new look, it will seamlessly blend with your closet & it will literally take weight off your shoulders. 😉 xo, hot for cold shoulder.


1. Layne Top $42 // 2. Metaphors Dress $54 // 3. Carson Maxi Dress $52 // 4. Mela Loves London $30 // 5. Welcome to the Tropics Maxi Dress $69 // 6. Kimchi Blue Chandler Off-the-Shoulder Blouse $59 // 7. ASOS Ruffle Cami Maxi Dress $122 // 8. White Linen Off the Shoulder Top $56 // 9. Vitality Plaid $48 //10. Hero Chambray Romper $48 //11. White Boho Top $59 // 12. Andy Dress $58 // 13. Truly Madly Deeply Off The Shoulder Top $39 // 14. Yucca Top $46 // 15. Neoma Romper $52 // 16. Honey Love Dress $56 // 17. Anja Dress $30

Pool Party Central

Friends and Lovers, my apologies for being SO MIA! Life has been crazy and by crazy I mean, I planned a wedding and then got married. WOAH. I’ll post about that shortly, but in the mean time summer is upon … Continue reading


#shelfie styling is a fun way to add some personal style to your home or office. Here is a how-to guide to up your #shelfie game this year. What you need: shelves (i got mine from ikea) brackets (similar ones from ikea) … Continue reading

Currently Coveting: Flats

Can a girl just be comfy and fashionable? YAAASSS! Move over Stilettos, Flats are having their moment in the spotlight.

Yes, stilettos make your legs a mile long and make you feel about 6 pounds thinner (!). But, I’m a tall, clumsy girl. Walls jump out at me sometimes and balancing on sticks all night can take the one glass of wine i’ve had and make it look like 12. I’m tall and if there are any tall girls out there, sometimes you don’t want to be the girl sitting in an imaginary chair in the holiday photo. So, I’ve scoured the internet and found the hottest flats to go with every outfit. They won’t kill your bank account and magically solve all the aforementioned issues. Flats: the new savior (sorry sweet little baby jesus, but don’t you fret – you turned water to wine, and for that you will always be king). xo, falling for flats.

1. H&M Low Boots $49.99 via
2. Fillipant 2 Part Ghillie Flat $45 via
3. ASOS LEVEL UP Lace up Ballet Flats $51 via
4. Topshop Fancy D-Ring Ghillie Shoes $45 via
5. Steve Madden Eleanorr $79.95 via
6. H&M Black Snakeskin Sneakers $34 via
7. Old Navy Pointy Ankle Strap D’Orsay Flats $22 via
8. Fox Den Black Suede Lace up Flats $21 via Lulu*
9. H&M Suede and Leather Shoes $69.99 via
10. Steve Madden ‘LECREW’ flats in Burgundy Velvet $69.95 via
11. H&M high tops $39.99 via
12. Black Faux Snakeskin Laceup Pointed Flat $49.90 via

Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

Hi loves! Forgive me, this is the first time ever making a tutorial video. It could be turned into a drinking game, if you drank every time I said  “UM” or “BUT YEAH”.  But, if you just stick with it till the end, I … Continue reading

obsessed with olive.

Emily of Arm Party Central Olive Green - Faux Fall Style 2015

Emily of Arm Party Central Olive Green – Faux Fall Style 2015

ATTEN…TION: military green, olive you. In Arizona, October is really just summer wrapped in a month disguised as fall, to the rest of America. What’s a girl to do, when everyone else is getting to sip warm lattes and wrap up in a cozy scarf and I’m still sweating it out with 108 degrees?? Change up my look with color! My fave transitional color to take summer into fall is olive green. Check out my favorite looks, to style a faux fall wardrobe. xo, olive juice


1. Billabong Distressed Olive Green Cutoffs $29 via
2. Express Green Mid Rise Moto Legging $69.90 via
3. Lulu*s Shout Olive Green Shift Dress $44 via
4. Olive Chic Stylish Maxi $52 via
5. AEO Layered Utility Jacket $52.46 via
6. Lush Magical Moments Olive Green Sleeveless Dress $47 via
7. Express Soft Twill Boyfriend Shirt $59.90 via
8. Catch My Breath Olive Green Jogger Pants $43 via
9. Project Social T Peace Offering Tee $39 via
10. Chelsea Crew Bash Khaki Suede Booties $99 via
11. Cascade Effect Olive Green Hat $27 via
12. Hold Your Gaze Olive Green Leggings $49 via
13. Quick Getaway Olive Green Tote $47 via
14. Precisely Right Olive Green Suede Pointed Pumps $34 via
15. Looking Smart Olive Green Pants $52 via