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Emily of Arm Party Central in the Seychelles wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Emily of Arm Party Central in the Seychelles wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

SUNGLASSES: the perfect little accessory to enhance an outfit or cover up a hangover. Living in Arizona the sun shines every single day, so to say they are mandatory is an understatement. As a little gift to you, I have compiled a fun list of sunnies that I have, am coveting and will soon be purchasing.

xoxo, slim shady.

  1. Quay ‘On A Dime’ Sunglasses $55
  2. Ray Ban ‘Round Fleck’ Sunglasses $160
  3. Sunday Somewhere ‘Matahari’ Sunglasses $290
  4. Shevoke ‘Flint’ Sunglasses $25
  5. 2020AVE ‘Flat Round Mirrored Sunnies’ $12
  6. Shevoke ‘ The Island Curacao’ Sunglasses $25
  7. ASOS ‘Metal Hexagon Sunglasses Rose Gold’ $24
  8. Quay ‘It’s a Sin’ Sunglasses $50
  9. Spitfire ’46mm Optical Glasses’ $39
  10. Sunday Somewhere ‘Yetti’ Sunglasses $290
  11. ASOS ‘Pala Angled Aviator’ Sunglasses $89
  12. Shevoke ‘Hola’ Sunglasses $59
  13. ASOS ‘Round Sunglasses with Metal Arms and Flash Lens in Tart’ $20
  14. Urban Outfitters ‘Round Metal Sunglasses’ $16
  15. Spitfire ‘Nexus’ $26
  16. Spitfire ‘Post Punk’ Sunglasses $39



Literally the Wertz: Dubai Honeymoon Edition

Holy hell, two posts in a week? Cute, but realistically these posts have happened 9 months apart. Jeff and I decided that “we” would take a break from planning and postpone our honeymoon. Once the wedding glow wore off, and with the help of Jeff’s travel guru Topher, we decided upon Dubai and The Seychelles. With such long travel and complete opposite timezones we thought it would be fun to acclimate in Dubai, then relax in The Seychelles.

So, after flying on Emirates Air, the most amazing airline, EVER (Jennifer Aniston did not exaggerate on the commercial) we made it to Dubai. We checked into the worlds tallest hotel, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai and promptly went up to the Vault, the top floor lounge with incredible skyline views for apps and drinks. Dubai should be considered the Decadent Capital of the World. Imagine the nicest people, breathtaking architecture, just all around impeccable service, atmosphere to make my ladybits swoon, food to die, champagne flowing – everything about Dubai is just BEYOND.

Anyways, we stayed up too late, woke up too early so we hit the gym. That would be my one travel tip that really worked for us, getting your body awake really got us adjusted to the time change. Then we hit their breakfast buffet (there were literally rooms and rooms of food) and arabic coffee (jet fuel). The pool was fabulous, Jeff wanted to just read, I just wanted to talk and takes pics (a common theme that Jeff had a love-hate relationship with the whole trip). We had our Desert Safari excursion planned for that afternoon where we took 4×4’s an hour out into the desert and just whipped around the dunes. Few things. I am the worst control freak passenger, when Jeff is driving and not using a blinker. So, when the use of the roll bar in the vehicle is pretty much inevitable, I was losing my mind. This set my anxiety through the roof, i’m pretty sure I was having a panic attack, sweating profusely, holding back from puking and/or passing out. JEFF. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. Lucky for everyone, he has all of this on his gopro. I was able to hold it together for pics (duh, i’m a professional) then they dropped us off at the desert camp. They had henna tattoos, a falcon, sand surfing, camel rides, belly dancers, flame throwers and a traditional barbecue meal all set under the desert sky.

Next morning, same gym-breakfast-pool. Then we planned to go see the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. We really hit all of the touristy things but, you almost have to! It’s all so ridiculous that you can’t fully understand the grandeur until you see it for yourself. Just jaw dropping, incredible. Then you start to think about having to build something that tall, or cleaning the windows (talk about job security you would never be done cleaning them!) and it just blows your mind. The mall was massive, overwhelming to even attempt to shop, so we went to the aquarium and the souks. Then got lunch on a patio next to the Dubai fountain that puts Las Vegas’ Bellagio fountain to shame. Overall, 48 hours in Dubai wasn’t near enough, and can’t wait to go back!!

xo, emily wertz

Currently Coveting – Cold Shoulder

Arm Party Central // Cold Shoulder

Arm Party Central // Cold Shoulder

We’re Not Worthy!! We’re Not Worthy!! Praise the fashion gods for bringing us a new way to show a little more skin & keeping our outfits flirty and fresh. The cold shoulder is the new crop top. Perfect for day or night, as a swimsuit coverup or a playful little romper.  This hot new trend is everything you need for your wardrobe right now. I’m confident you will love this new look, it will seamlessly blend with your closet & it will literally take weight off your shoulders. 😉 xo, hot for cold shoulder.


1. Layne Top $42 // 2. Metaphors Dress $54 // 3. Carson Maxi Dress $52 // 4. Mela Loves London $30 // 5. Welcome to the Tropics Maxi Dress $69 // 6. Kimchi Blue Chandler Off-the-Shoulder Blouse $59 // 7. ASOS Ruffle Cami Maxi Dress $122 // 8. White Linen Off the Shoulder Top $56 // 9. Vitality Plaid $48 //10. Hero Chambray Romper $48 //11. White Boho Top $59 // 12. Andy Dress $58 // 13. Truly Madly Deeply Off The Shoulder Top $39 // 14. Yucca Top $46 // 15. Neoma Romper $52 // 16. Honey Love Dress $56 // 17. Anja Dress $30

Currently Coveting: Flats

Can a girl just be comfy and fashionable? YAAASSS! Move over Stilettos, Flats are having their moment in the spotlight.

Yes, stilettos make your legs a mile long and make you feel about 6 pounds thinner (!). But, I’m a tall, clumsy girl. Walls jump out at me sometimes and balancing on sticks all night can take the one glass of wine i’ve had and make it look like 12. I’m tall and if there are any tall girls out there, sometimes you don’t want to be the girl sitting in an imaginary chair in the holiday photo. So, I’ve scoured the internet and found the hottest flats to go with every outfit. They won’t kill your bank account and magically solve all the aforementioned issues. Flats: the new savior (sorry sweet little baby jesus, but don’t you fret – you turned water to wine, and for that you will always be king). xo, falling for flats.

1. H&M Low Boots $49.99 via
2. Fillipant 2 Part Ghillie Flat $45 via
3. ASOS LEVEL UP Lace up Ballet Flats $51 via
4. Topshop Fancy D-Ring Ghillie Shoes $45 via
5. Steve Madden Eleanorr $79.95 via
6. H&M Black Snakeskin Sneakers $34 via
7. Old Navy Pointy Ankle Strap D’Orsay Flats $22 via
8. Fox Den Black Suede Lace up Flats $21 via Lulu*
9. H&M Suede and Leather Shoes $69.99 via
10. Steve Madden ‘LECREW’ flats in Burgundy Velvet $69.95 via
11. H&M high tops $39.99 via
12. Black Faux Snakeskin Laceup Pointed Flat $49.90 via
seeing spots.

seeing spots.

Sure, a leopards spots help camouflage them into their surroundings. But, these prints are nothing but stand out. I hunted down the best looks under $200 for you. They are the perfect additions for your fall wardrobe [and soon to be mine!]. xo, obsessed. 1. … Continue reading

wrapped up in fabulous.

While most of the country is blanketed in the beautiful white snow, Arizona is just starting to cool off, posing the dilemma of trying to blend winter warm clothes for mornings (60s) and summery clothing during the day (80s). The best way i’ve found to take on this challenge, is the versatile scarf.

Whether you’ve got sunshine or snow, shop these scarves asap!

1. Free People ‘Sienna’ Scarf $68 here    2. ASOS ‘Faux Fur Funnel Snood’ $34.11 here   3.  ASOS ‘Oversized Square’ Scarf $34.11 here   4. Free People ‘Brushed Animal’ Scarf $58 here   5. Paula Bianco ‘Two Tone Tassel’ Scarf $85 here   6. ASOS ‘Wool Mix Open Weave’ Scarf $26.53 here    7. Madewell ‘Diamond Bandana’ Scarf $50 here    8. ASOS ‘Herringbone Woven’ Scarf $34.11 here

friends forever

Thinking back to my summer days as a kid, i lived to make friendship bracelets for my BFF’s, my besties.  Braiding colorful string, and using every kind of bead i could find. But, old is new again, like vintage clothing but with a fabulous twist!  Here’s a few friendship bracelets, to adorn your arm with colorful love.

1. ASOS Coachella Coin Bracelet $28.58 here   2. Lucy Folk ‘Jasmine Flower’ Bracelet $36 here   3. Delia*s ‘Rhinestone Friendship’ Bracelet $10.99 here   4. KH Studio ‘Five Row’ Bracelet $32 here   5. Serefina ‘Friendship’ Bracelet $13.99 here   6. Target ‘Friendship’ Bracelet $9.99 here   7. Ettika ‘Triple-Charm Friendship’ Bracelet $40 here   8. Delia*s ‘Tassel Pave Friendship’ Bracelet $7.99 here   9. J.Crew ‘Golden Plate Friendship’ Bracelet $22.50 here   10. Blee Inara ‘Swarovski Skull Macrame’ Bracelet $45 here   11. Express ‘Wrapped Rhinestone Friendship’ Bracelet $24.90 here   12. Cara ‘Crystal Friendship’ Bracelet $34 here   13. Chan Luu ‘2 Pack Friendship’ Bracelet $35.99 here   14. KH Studio ‘Five Row Friendship’ Bracelet $16 here   15. Lucy Folk ‘Neon Taco’ Bracelet $48 here

indian summer essentials.

It’s officially fall… in Arizona! We may not have the changing leaves of the beautiful northern states or snow in the forecast, but Scottsdale’s version of fall is by far the best. It’s nature’s way of apologizing to us, for the awful summer heat. Here’s what my fall looks like…

Billabong ‘Need for Love’ Flannel Shirt $39.90 here, Baileys Irish Cream + Hot Cocoa, UGG ‘Scuffette II’ Slippers $85 here, ASOS ‘Forever’ T-Shirt $21.36 here, ASOS ‘Leopard Print On’ Oversized Scarf $28.48 here, American Eagle ‘Jegging’ $39.95 here, Jeffrey Campbell ‘ Hanger Suede Raw’ Booties $165 here, Michael Kors ‘Brushed Stainless Steel Chronograph’ Watch $250 here, Cozy fires at home on cool nights, Giving Thanks, Patios at every restaurant, bar & club i.e. The Mint Scottsdale

neckluxe + hot summer nights.

neckluxe + hot summer nights

  1. Pim + Larkin ‘Multi Colored Cabochon’ Necklace $38 here
  2. Loft “Short Wrapped Green Stone’ Necklace $39.99 here
  3. Asos ‘Premium Jeweled Bib’ Necklace $67.88 here
  4. J.Crew ‘Neon Stone’ Necklace $79.99 here
  5. Cara Couture Jewelry ‘Crossover Teardrop’ Necklace $69 here
  6. Guess ‘Beaded Neon’ Statement Necklace $60 here