I’m literally the Wertz.

Emily Allers, of Arm Party Central, got married!!

Emily Allers, of Arm Party Central, got married!!

Wow, it’s been so long where do I begin? 2016 was a year where only the highlights need be remembered. Biggest, brightest highlight of my year? Becoming THE. WERTZ. WIFE. EVER. (If you aren’t following me, I interchange the word ‘Wertz’ for “worst”). Anyways, the day was May 1st, 2016 and it was that dreamy, blissful, champagne filled day that everyone hopes. Like, ‘pinch me, I don’t know how I got so lucky’ and all that bullshit, type of spectacular. The weekend was set at The Saguaro Scottsdale . My soul sister of a hotel, filled with so much vibrance, you feel like you got punched in the face with fun, sunshine and tequila all at once. We had a full weekend of activities: Hiking, Top Golf, a Saturday Pool Party, a Rehearsal Dinner and then the Wedding Sunday Funday. The ceremony took place outside in a park just behind the hotel, with the reception at The Clayton on the Park.

We had so many family and friends fly in for the weekend. And bless lil sweet 18+ Jesus, no kids. Our Wedding party topped off at about 26. Yes, 26 booze filled brides babes and groomsmen. Anyways, there is so much to say, but the video will do a better job than i can.

Major thanks to our Parents, Wedding Party, Family & Friends. And to the team that made this happen, you are pretty much majestic unicorns doing the work of fairies, with magical powers of perfection.  Jeff and I can’t Thank You enough!!!

Jeff & Emily – Scottsdale, Arizona Wedding from Katherine Mendieta on Vimeo.

Coordination & Planning: LVL Weddings and Events + Emily Schiesl

Photography: Leslie D Photography

Videography: Katherine Mendieta Photography + Videography

Flowers: Fiori Floral

Hotel: The Saguaro Scottsdale

Venue: The Clayton on the Park

Wedding Dress: LuLu*s.com

The Perfect End.

So this is 30. I’m 30. Crap. I’m THIRTY. Insert shocked emoji here. June 14th was the day that the whole month of celebrations, surrounded. My twenties felt like I was on a fabulous carousel, moving whether I wanted to or not, making me a little dizzy (or a LOT), but it was damn fun and free. I got to choose my seat, but where it was going was out of my control. Like a kid in a candy shop, I was running around buying way too much sugar, having no self-control and spending it all on instant gratification. So, now that I’ve gotten off the carousel, what will 30 be like?

30 gets to be whatever I want! Sure, life will be more like controlled chaos but, i’ll take it! I finally feel like an adult. I’ve found my soulmate. I get to dress better (thank you LeTote!). I can afford good champagne. Work isn’t just work – it’s finally a career. It took me 30 years, but I think I finally have my makeup figured out. Travel is more than just a car with a full tank of gas. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is my soul sister. Day parties = bed at a reasonable hour. Coffee in the morning? Hello? I love you.

Life is good. Champagne makes it better.